Hello Parents and Guardians, I am thrilled to share with you that ReadWorks.org is offering FREE ReadWorks accounts for parents/guardian...

Supporting Reading Comprehension at Home (FREE ReadWorks Account for Parents & Guardians!)

Hello Parents and Guardians,

I am thrilled to share with you that ReadWorks.org is offering FREE ReadWorks accounts for parents/guardians!  This website contains a great database of has leveled reading passages and question sets for your child to practice his or her reading comprehension skills.

Below are five quick tips to get started, or go directly to their website for more information: https://about.readworks.org/parents.html

1. Set up your free Parent or Guardian account

1. Click "Sign Up" on ReadWorks.org.
2. Share your email and create a password.
3. Make sure you select that your role is "Parent/Guardian."
4. Start finding engaging reading passages and activities for your child or children!

2. Choose to create a digital class or print

Everything on ReadWorks can be easily printed or digitally assigned. To print, you can simply click the blue "Print" button. If you'd like your child to access ReadWorks online, you need to create a class to sign them up.

1. Create your class and select "Roster Class"
2. Enter your child or children's names in the Roster.

3. Your child can then sign in with the unique class code assigned to your class. 

3. Enable the Student Library 

In a perfect world, time away from school and other obligations creates more time for independent reading. Make sure the Student Library is enabled in your child's account so they can keep reading, keep learning, and keep growing.

1. Enable the "Student Library" in "Class Admin."
2. Children can access their library in the ReadWorks account. They can find reading passages on topics they're interested in and discover something new. ReadWorks adds new recommendations every day, so they can find new ideas each morning. 

4. Do Article-A-Day at Home

Building knowledge on a wide variety of topics is key to your child's success in reading and in school. Article-A-Day makes it easy and fun.

1. Search our library for an Article-A-Day set to read for the week. Choose the grade level your child is in and any set that looks interesting.
2. You and your child should read one article from the set each day.
3. Ask the question "What did you learn from this article that you thought was interesting and you want to remember?"
4. Record this interesting knowledge in the Book of Knowledge. This is a place to look back at all the amazing knowledge you learned together. You can do this in a notebook, or if doing it digitally, your child can record right in their ReadWorks account.

5. Assign or print reading passages and question sets

Reading engaging passages and digging into them with the help of high-quality question sets can ensure that your children aren't missing out on meaningful reading if they're not in school.

1. Easily search over 3,000 reading passages with question sets.
2. Click "Assign" or "Print."
3. Children can dig into the passage by reading and answering text-dependent questions.
4. Talk about the reading passage and the questions together. (Note: research shows this is the most critical step for improving reading comprehension!)